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Coloring Book Garden

My daughter is developmentally delayed and autistic, which is very sad, yet at the same time there are many joys. She loves coloring, even as a teenager she has a very large box of coloring books of many types. She loves crayons, especially the new scented crayons; these are crayons that leave behind a scent after you color with them. They have some really good scents such as roses and linen, but most of them smell, well yucky, to me. They have scents such as dirty sneakers, wet dog, and other unusual scents.

There are coloring books of every type available for a low price, plus there are pages on the web that you download for free. There are wonderful stained glass types of coloring books that you use colored pencils to color and then put the picture on a window facing the sun and the effect is truly fantastic. Every time you look at it you will re-capture the pleasure you had in creating your masterpiece. In conclusion get yourself some crayons, colored pencils, markers or paint and allow your self the freedom and stress reducing pleasure of coloring. It is good for you!

I have to admit to ridiculing her for wanting such childish things; I wanted her to be normal. What I didn't realize is that her fondness for coloring and crayons is very normal. It just isn't what most teenage girls spend their time doing. Finally I saw the light and recognized the almost instant calming and relaxing effect that drawing had on her. It was a fantastic mood-altering, anger reducing experience. At long last, I shut up about telling her to grow up.

I joined her in coloring, using the time to tune into her instead of against her. I found that I enjoyed coloring once again. It did its work on me also. Along with bonding with my child, I also relaxed and enjoyed the calming effect that coloring had on me. I then did research on the values of coloring for an adult. I found that my kids were right. Coloring is indeed a stress buster. It breaks the circuit of our over-loaded brains filled with never-ending thoughts. I found out that coloring quiets your mind as you focus on your masterpiece.

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